Winter Package

In preparation for the winter cold, you’ll want to make certain that all of your pipes are well-insulated, that your heating system like geyser is ready for extreme temperatures, and that you are prepared for cold and packaging & storage of summer appliances.

  • Hang “seasonal” lighting and decorations
  • Check all pipes to prevent freezing
  • Set floor registers and grills to maximize airflow
  • Tighten handrails and grab bars

Summer Package

Summer break is drawing near, and while students are looking forward to their vacation plans, housekeeping departments of school are mapping out intense cleaning schedules. Housekeeping managers look at school closings as windows of opportunity for cleaning — scrubbing, wiping and dusting everything from top to bottom. And, of course, Tank Cleaning is also an important part of this project. So to reduce your burden in this cleaning process, We are providing Summer packages which includes

  • Water Tank Treatment
  • RO Service
  • Ac service
  • Inverter Service
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Fan Installation
  • Bathroom Tile Cleaning

Tems Sixty

MR TEMS can help you check to make sure that your important seasonal home maintenance details have been addressed. Preparing for winter or getting ready for spring means taking care of all the basics and inspecting your home for any new damage or concerns. TEMS SIXTY is 60 point check service
which includes

  • All general repair,
  • Home appliance service
  • Carpenter repair
  • Painter touch-ups
  • Home cleaning
  • Plumbing Repair &; other seasonable checks